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EPC – Abbreviation for earnings per click. Calculated by deviding the total earnings from click throughs by the number of clicks.

EPV – Abbreviation for earnings per visitor. Calculated by deviding the total earnings from visitors by the number of visitors.

Earlugs – (Also ears, refer box (es), teaser box(es)-A box on the front page of a newspaper above the masthead which instructs the reader to refer to an article or section on a page or pages inside.

Earned Rate – A special rate offered to newspaper advertisers who sign contracts for frequency discounts and bulk space contracts for number of inches used.

Efficiency – The relationship between circulation (or audience) and media cost, most commonly expressed as a CPM.

Egress– in cable TV it refers to the unwanted leakage of signals from a cable system.

Eight Sheet -The smallest standardized advertising structure in outdoor.

Embargoment – A refusal by Arbitron to release12+ numbers to the press, because stations in the market are buying and selling radio air time by those numbers.

Ethnic Groups – Groups other than the general population, i.e. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians.

Exclusivity – A commitment by the station or publication to eliminate competing products or brands from a specific area and grant “exclusivity” to one advertiser.

Exclusive Reach – Number of different persons who are exposed to one media vehicle in a combination, and not any of the other vehicles.

Exclusivity in Break – Negotiable right to be the only advertiser of given category within a commercial break.

Exit Exchange – An arrangement between two or more sites in which each site shows advertisments for other sites in exchange for the others doing the same.

Exit Traffic – Type of web visitor traffic in which visitors leaving a site click on a popup or popunder advertisment – otherwise know as a exit console.

Exposure – An individual’s physical contact with an advertising message or medium.

Extensions – Common to most bulletin formats is the ability to extend the copy area outside of the 14 x 48 frame in outdoor.

Extramercial – Banner ads placed in the extra space in the right column of Internet web pages.