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“F” Type Conductor– used by the cable industry to connect coaxial cables to equipment.

Facing – In outdoor, the number of boards facing one direction at the same location. In marketing, it refers to “shelf facings” or how many rows of product occupy shelf space on one retail location.

First Refusal or Right of First Refusal – An offer by the media to offer to the advertiser who has previously been a sponsor to renew before they offer the sponsorship to other advertisers.

Fixed Position – In broadcast, rates, which are negotiated, which are not pre-emptible and cannot be moved or bumped.

Flash – A software plugin that enables browsers to play multimedia animations. Some rich media advertisements require users to have this plugin.

Flat Rate – A uniform charge for advertising space or time that does not include any discounts.

Flexible Face – The new vinyl, single-sheet bulleting material that is replacing sectioned hardwood boards in outdoor.

Flight – The period of time over which a campaign runs.

Flighting – A campaign scheduling pattern characterized by periods of advertising effort followed by periods of inactivity.

Flow Chart – A calendar, which shows all elements of the ad campaign on one piece of paper.

FCC – The FCC is an independent federal regulatory agency responsible directly to Congress. Established by the Communications Act of 1934, the FCC is charged with establishing policies to govern interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. Its jurisdiction covers the 50 states and territories, the District of Columbia and U.S. possessions. The Commission is committed to the use of emerging technologies to serve its customers – the American public and regulated industries—more efficiently. The Mass Media Bureau is the part of the FCC that deals with broadcasting – television and radio. The Bureau issues licenses (authorization of services), performs policy and rulemaking functions and Administers the enforcement program for all mass media services.

FM (Frequency Modulation) – The broadcast band between 88.1 and 107.9 megacycles. Generally provides reception and fidelity superior to AM.

Focus Groups -A qualitative research method where eight to ten people who are “typical” of the target market, are invited to discuss the products, the service with a trained moderator in a free-wheeling discussion lasting an hour or more.

Forced Click – Type of click through that is forced apon a visitor without their consent.

Forced Combination -Advertising space/time that must be purchased in combination with space/time in another medium – in newspapers, such as morning and evening editions.

Four Color – Black and three colors (blue, yellow, red) – A printing method for printing color ads with tonal values such as photographs and paintings.

Fractional Page -Print advertising space of less than a full page.

Free Circulation – Publications, which are given away without the recipient having to pay for it or qualify for it, such as Pennysavers, catalogues, and in-flight publications.

Frequency- The number of times an individual or household is exposed to a given ad message during a given period of time – usually expressed as an average. Also, in print, the number of insertions scheduled over a period of time. GRP’s divided by reach = average frequency. Average frequency means that some people or households will be exposed to the message more times than that number, and some will be exposed less times.

Frequency Discount -Discounts earned for running a designated number of pages within a magazine, group of magazines, newspaper, etc.

FSI (Free Standing Insert) -Ad printed by the advertiser and bound or stuffed loosely into a publication.

Full Showing -A #100 Showing in outdoor. The number of outdoor poster panels it takes to reach 100% (technically 95%) of the Adults 18+ in that market on a given day.