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File requests – In the context of displaying digital content, the browser loads code that contains instructions about where to retrieve files such as text, images, videos, and any other components that contribute to the display experience. Each time the browser must retrieve content from another server, a file request is made. Too many file request may reduce page load performance.

Filmstrip – An IAB Universal Brand Package ad unit template that is 350×3000 pixels, divided into five 350×600 pixel segments that scroll by user interaction though a 350×600 pixel placement “window.”

Flash™ – Software and tools developed by Adobe used to build, generate, and play animated files. Also used to define the creative files generated by the program. In order for Flash files to execute in a browser, the Flash player plug-in must be installed. However, Flash development tools can also generate files in HTML5 format so that no plug-in is required for execution.

FPS – FPS is an acronym for Frames Per Second, the metric used to indicate the frame rate of animated or video creative content.

Frame Rate – The rate at which video frames or animated images display as the video or animated file executes, measured as the number of frames per second (fps).