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GIF – The graphical interchange format (GIF) is a graphical file extension. Most banner advertisements are created in the GIF format. More popular than the JPEG format. GIF89a or animated GIFs are a sequences of standard GIF images combined to create animated banners. These animated banners tend to generate higher click through rates than non-animated banners.

GRP (Gross Rating Point) – The sum of all individual ratings of all elements in a broadcast advertising schedule. One rating point equals 1% of the total potential audience for a given medium – also refers to the product of reach and exposure frequency. RxF=GRP. Persons or households estimate expressed as a percentage of the appropriate estimated population.

Gatefold -A magazine full page plus an additional leaf, which folds out from the center of the book.

Geo-Demographics – A segmentation system that is based on the demographic characteristics of very small geographic areas such as Census block groups or ZIP codes. Typically, these systems work with detailed Census data that sort geographic units into statistically homogeneous “clusters.”

Ghosting-this occurs when two signals are received at almost the same time, and creates a double image on your screen.

Gloss-shiny paper usually found in magazines.

Gloss Over– To cover up a mistake by speaking rapidly so as not to deal with the issue correctly.

Grazing -A style of television viewing where the viewer switches channels often, either looking for alternative programming or watching multiple programs simultaneously.

Grid – Sliding scale rate card, based on supply and demand.

Gross Impressions – The sum of all exposures to an advertising message in a given media schedule. Average audience times the number of spots equals GRIMPS.

Gross Rate -The cost of media space or time quoted by a medium which includes agency commission.

Guaranteed Circulation – The number of copies of a magazine that the publisher guarantees to advertisers that will be delivered. If the figure is not reached, the publisher must give a refund.

Gutter – The inside page margins where a publication is bound.