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HDTV-(High Definition Television)- a very high quality TV signal that produces picture resolution almost as good as film.

Headend– The cable TV’s provider base, where they receive signals from networks, and retransmit them to their customers.

HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a computer programming language that helps control the format of a documents content and design on the world wide web. An HTML editor is a software program that enables one to easily create HTML pages.

HTTP– hyper text transfer protocol

HUT- (Houshold Using Television) – The percent of all TV households in the survey area with one or more sets in use during a specific time.

Handbills – Low cost flyers or other simple brochures distributed by hand to homes, offices, or cars in parking lots.

Hard Interconnect -Buyers must buy the entire interconnect. They cannot buy individual operators within the Interconnect.

Hard Wired Cable -Cable operators who sell together because they are wired and connected together vs. soft-wired cable – which are cable operators who are not connected (very few soft-wired exist today).

Head-Ends HUB-Each cable TV system has a primary site that receives or originates information and sends it to subscribing households; this primary site is called the “head-end.” When the area served by that head-end is too large to be handled without experiencing signal quality loss, additional sites, called “hubs,” are needed.

Heavy Up – Increased advertising for a specific period of time.

Hiatus -A scheduled period of advertising inactivity.

Hidden Persuaders– A range of subtle or subliminal advertising messages.

Hit – A term used by webmasters that refers to a request made to a web server for a page, graphic, audio or sound file. A web page that has 5 graphics will create 6 total hits in a servers log fileone for each graphic and one for the page itself. While useful for estimating the load on a server, hits serve little value to advertisers or marketers.

Hook-A clever phrase or melody used to capture the consumer’s attention and help make the advertising message more memorable.

Horizontal Cume -The cumulative audience rating for television or radio programs occupying the same time period on successive days.

Hot Linking – Process by which one links to an image stored on one site yet it appears on one or more other sites. If done without permission, this is considered unethical since one is using bandwidth they are not paying for.

Hot Switch – One program leads directly into another without commercial breaks. Its purpose is to keep the viewers from changing channels.

House Ads – A type of banner advertisement that a web site publisher runs in an ad space when no paying advertisement is available to fill the space. Typically filled with an advertisement promoting one of the web sites services, products or features.

Household Rating – Old HUT times new share equals household rating. The sum of all household ratings adds up to the HUT during a specific time period.

Hype– Overwhelming publicity or exaggerated claims; To promote of accent excessively

Hyperlink – HTML code that when clicked on redirects ones browser to another web page. Most banners are hyperlinked to the advertisers web page.