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IBA– Interest-based advertising — which is also sometimes called “online behavioral advertising” — uses information gathered about a site user’s visits over time and across different websites or applications in order to help predict preferences and show ads that are more likely to be of interest to you. For example, a sporting goods manufacturer might work with an advertising network that collects and uses interest-based advertising information to deliver ads to the browsers of users that have recently visited sports-related sites, or an airline might direct ads to users that recently visited mobile travel apps. Definition from aboutads.info site:http://www.aboutads.info/how-interest-based-ads-work

In-Banner – Video A video delivered as part of (inside of) the display ad creative for a given placement rather than initiating the use of a video player.

Initial Dimension – The original width and height (in pixels) of an expanding ad. Expanding ads are designed to expand to dimensions larger than the initial dimensions.

Initial File Load – Includes all assets and files necessary (.html, .js, .css, .woff, images, ets.) for completing first visual display of the Ad. The initial file load size of an ad is limited in order to preserve the page load performance and thus the user’s web browsing experience. For non-rich media ads, the initial file load size limit is all that’s allowed for the ad.

Interstitial – See ‘Between-the-Page’