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LAN– (Local-Area Network)- this allows cable companies to provide local community programming, as well as internet access via modem.

LMA (Local Marketing Agreement) -Two or more radio stations agree to sell airtime for each other, though remaining separately owned and operated.

LNA (Leading National Advertisers) -A reporting service which measures advertising activity for major advertisers in network TV, spot TV, newspaper, outdoor, radio and magazines.

LPM (Local People Meter) –The use of Peoplemeters (as used in Nielsen’s national panel) in local DMAs. Peoplemeters provide both household and demographic viewing data; whereas, Set-top Meters only provide household viewing data. Boston was the first market to switch from Set-top Meters/Diaries to Peoplemeters in May 2002.

LTC (Last Telecast)  – The last day of the flight.

Landing Page – The page on a web site where one is taken after clicking on a advertisement. While this can be any page, it is often a page designed to expand on the service or product mentioned in the initial advertisment.

Launch-The introduction of a new product or service.

Lead – Term used to describe a person or company that has expressed interest in an offer. Companies follow up on leads in hopes of converting them into customers.

Lead Product – A type of product, may be sold at a loss, that is used to help companies generate new customers.

Letterbox -The projected aspect ratio of feature films is often wider than our 525 or 625 line video formats. It is becoming common practice to transfer the composed aspect ratio of films to video by placing black borders at the top and bottom of the film picture in the video. The film picture becomes a “letterbox” within the video.

Life Time Value – Term used to describe the monetary value of a customer to a company over the cutomers lifetime.

Lineage – The total number of agate lines occupying one ad or a series of ads within a given schedule.

Line Rate – The cost per agate line for print space – mainly used with newspaper.

Live Tag-The voice-over at the end of a pre-recorded commercial that provides current or local information.

Local Origination Channel– A local origination channel is a channel programmed and exclusively controlled by the cable provider.

Local Rate –Rate charged for local (sometimes referred to as retail) advertising. Generally much lower than national rate. Politicians generally pay local, open rate in newspapers.

Location List – A list describing the location of all panels sold in outdoor.

Log -A legal record in chronological order of what a radio station and/or television station aired at a specific time – includes programming and commercials.

Log File – A type of computer file on a web server that keeps records of a servers activitysome of the data recorded include page requests and errors.

Loss Leader -Item advertised at a substantial discount (often below cost) to draw traffic to a store.