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MI – Monthly impressions (MI) is a term used to describe the number of impressions in one month.

MOR (Middle-of-the road) – A radio format appealing to an older audience.

MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) – MP3 is the audio coding format defines by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as part of the MPEG-1 audio Layer-3 specification.  MP3 has become popular audio compression format on the Internet and computers.

MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) – The nickname given to a family of International Standards used for coding audio-visual information in a digital compressed format.  MPEG standards include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4.

(MRI) Mediamark Research, Inc.  – A research company which measures print and broadcast audience exposure and product/brand usage profile data. Provides net unduplicated audiences of major consumer magazines and newspaper by demographics and product usage characteristics; general levels of usage for TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and outdoor; network TV program audiences; audiences of radio networks and formats; and demographic profile data and media usage habits, cross-tabbed with product usage.

MRR – Monthly rental rate (MRR) is the rate at which a given number of impressions over the period of a month are sold at.

MSA (Metro Survey Area) – The primary reporting area for local radio.  Area definitions generally correspond to the federal government’s OMB (office of Management & Budget’s) Metropolitan Area, subject to exceptions dictated by historical industry usage or other marketing considerations as determined by Arbitron.

MSO (Multiple System Operator) – A company that owns more than one cable system.

Makegood – When the advertising purchased is pre-empted, omitted in error or run in an unfit condition, the medium offers, at no additional charge, comparable or better air time at a later date.  The equivalent in print is called a rerun.

Market –  The potential inverse for a product’s use, sales, or ownership.

Marketing– The techniques used to attract and persuade consumers.

Market Profile-The characteristics of a group or area targeted for a campaign.

Market Research– A study of consumer groups and business competition used to define a projected market.

Market Share – A company’s share of an industry’s volume.

Markup – Agency commission (1.1765) of 15% over the net rates charged by newspaper.  All other mediums generally quote gross rates which include the agency commission, since all invoices are paid net (85% of the gross).

Masthead – Listing of all personnel who work at a magazine; runs extremely far forward and is a premium position for advertisers due to its upfront location.

Mat – The paper mold used to duplicate newspaper ads, made from the original engraving.

Max Loop Size – The maximum number of times an animated graphic may repeat its loop. Normally 3-5 times.

Max Time Length – The maximum number of seconds it takes for an animated graphic to complete one loop. Normally 10 to 20 seconds.

Media– Forms of mass communication. Newspapers, magazines, direct mail, billboards, bus signs, radio, television, and internet are some important media that carry advertising.

Media Budget – Total dollar allocation for media space and air time only.  The “advertising budget” generally includes media monies and production costs.

Media Kit – Information offered to potential advertisers by publishers to help advertisers understand the publihsers rates, visitor demographics, terms, etc.

Media Planner-An employee of an advertiser or agency who coordinates media aspects of a campaign and selects the most effective media to use.  Important factors in media planning include: The budget, size and character of the market profile, and the positioning opportunities in the media.

Media Records – Independent company that measures advertising lineage in most major dailies and converts it to estimated advertising expenditures.

MegaHertz– (MHz) a unit of frequency equaling 1 million cycles per second.

Mega-media company – Term to describe media conglomerates, e.g.: Viacom, Inc.-CBS, UPN, MTV, MTV2, VH1, Showtime, Nickelodeon, Noggin (50% ownership), TVLand, Comedy Central (50% ownership), TNN, CMT, The movie Channel, Sundance Channel (50% ownership), FLIX, and BET.

Mega Merger – Refers to the buying up of local radio stations after the FCC lifted the rule on how many stations could be owned by one owner.  The limit is now 8 stations in one market that can be owned by one owner.

Mention-A brief item in the press or broadcast media referring to a person, product, or service.

Message– The underlying theme or idea of an advertisement.

Metro Rating – A rating computed for the households or the individuals in a well-defined metropolitan (metro) area.

Middle America-The moderate, middle-class segment of the U.S. population that comprises the largest consumer group.

Mid-break –  A spot near the middle of a program.  Can be a station ID or commercial.

Milline  – An archaic form of CPM for newspaper.  It is the cost of 1000 lines of advertising divided by the circulation in thousands.

Mirror spot – Bonus spot in cable.  Buy one, get one free.

MOG A blog that soley pertains to music.

Motto– A guide to ones conduct. A Sentence that serves as a principle or idea.

Multiplexing-refers to the process of sending more than one signal within the same channel without mixing them.