MediaComp delivers 20% more targeted consumers per media dollar.

T Today’s media environment has become too complex, too demographically fragmented and too competitive for traditionally accepted, “broad based”, media practices. Mediacomp’s unique planning and buying methodology and technology allows us to directly incorporate your client’s consumer consumption data into the evaluation of media’s audience data.

Mediacomp’s multi-demographic, socioeconomic and product consumption analysis of media audiences gives your clients an average of 20% more targeted consumers per media dollar.

We also provide clients with various strategic marketing tools such as customer analysis by lifestyle, income, education, product and service usage distributions and/or mapping at zip code or block group levels.


“Mediacomp’s approach to media buying yielded a 19% increase in gross sales with the same advertising budget and has remained up ever since.”

CEO- Healthcare


W With technological advances and exponential growth of online media, long gone are the days of getting a banner ad as added value on a station’s website. Creating a one dimensional online campaign of only display ads is no longer a feasible option. Station websites are now a major source of income and are pushed just as heavily as the TV or radio spots you are purchasing as a part of your media buy.

When display ads first emerged as an advertising vehicle, buyers were most concerned with hard data such as impressions and cost-per-clicks. While these factors are still heavily evaluated, the measure of a successful online campaign has evolved drastically. As buyers, we must consider all social media platforms available, as well as assessing the pros and cons of “going viral” for our clients. With these quickly evolving times, MediaComp prides itself for progressing with the new technologies and offering these imperative services to our clients.