“Mediacomp has enabled us to save approximately 25% on broadcast media for our clients.”

CEO – Ad Agency


Whether you are looking to reach a national audience or zeroing in on a hyper-local marketplace, our targeted television buys will allow you to effectively maximize your budget in order to achieve your campaign goals. We start with analysis of your target markets, determining effective reach, frequency, target-rating-point, and gross-rating-point levels within the target audience. All programming on network and cable stations are evaluated, looking at audience demographics, ratings, share trends, and more. Utilizing available research and our evaluations of station and market trends, we will negotiate the best possible TV rates. As part of our stewardship to assure full value of your media expenditures, a post-analysis is performed to ensure negotiated rating points are achieved. TV placements include English, Asian, and Spanish language media.
  • abc
  • My Network TV
  • Telefutura
  • FOX
  • Univision
  • CBS
  • Telemundo
  • PBS
  • The CW
  • USA
  • FX
  • Entertainment News
  • Scifi
  • abc family
  • Comedy Central
  • Animal Planet
  • TBS
  • ESPN
  • A&E
  • History Channel
  • Bravo
  • CNN
  • Nickelodeon
  • Lifetime
  • Discovery
  • HGTV
  • TNT
  • CNBC
  • VH1
  • MTV


Radio advertising is a venue that offers you the ability to reach a mass audience in a very private setting. Using our knowledge of market trends and research, our radio buys enable your brand to effectively reach the target audience. By evaluating station formats, ethnic coverage, and ratings by hour and daypart, we ensure we are on target with the audience you want to reach. In addition to using our media buying experience and established relationships with vendors to negotiate low rates, we always negotiate added-value – “extra” for no additional cost – in our radio schedules. Radio placements include English, Asian and Spanish language media.
  • Cumulus
  • CBS Radio
  • Radio One


Despite the mass growth of digital content in this day and age, print advertising still holds a strong value to advertisers and consumers alike. Our print placement capabilities include magazines, newspapers, tabloids, community newsletters and more. When creating a print campaign for our clients, we review consumer, B2B, and trade magazines, as well as local and national newspapers for print quality, audience demographics, and circulation. Whether the target audience is reading a high end fashion magazine or a small town weekly newsletter, we ensure your ad will be seen. We negotiate effective pricing below rate card, secure preferred ad positions, and procure added value such as editorial and online coverage for our clients. Print placements include English, Asian and Spanish language media.
  • New York Times
  • MNI
  • TexasMonthly
  • Modern Luxury
  • Wall Street Journal
  • mediamax


Outdoor advertising holds power in that it cannot be turned off. Consumers cannot change the channel when sitting in rush hour traffic. Using Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) and Eyes On audience data, we are able to secure prime locations that deliver effective market coverage. With proficiency in placement of digital and static permanent and rotatory branding bulletins, static 30-sheet posters, transit postings, malls and airports, we will explore the best avenue to use outdoor advertising to connect with your target audience.
  • Lamar
  • Clear Channel Outdoor
  • Cooper


With the immense growth of digital content, digital advertising no longer only means display banners on a website. Every campaign starts with strategy development to prioritize your goals, marketing objectives and success metrics. Determining specific objectives for the campaign will allow us to create a personalized approach to reach your goals, including increasing website traffic, growing overall revenue, promoting a specific event, and more. Continued measurement, optimization and reporting justify every digital marketing dollar spent. A tailored campaign based on your specific goals will employ any and all digital tactics needed to achieve success. A few of these include mobile, video, paid search, paid social, rich media, retargeting and geo- fencing. As digital advertising capabilities continue to expand, we will keep abreast of new technologies as they become available and keep you aware as well.
  • Industry Brains
  • Rhythm One
  • bing
  • Conversant
  • Yahoo
  • Google


Is your campaign reaching the intended target. Do you know where your spot ran? If it ran at all ? Or if your high-impact digital ads ran for the correct three days with a time-sensitive offer? Mediacomp goes beyond the placement and provides auditing in its services.

Auditing media is an important and necessary process that protects your media investment. Each campaign is audited for accurate placement. Every TV, radio and cable spot is monitored for airing as ordered and every print ad is checked for running as placed. This means that each active campaign is stewarded and verified using a process applicable for the medium purchased. This process ensures that the spots ordered ran in the time period, program and on the station or network agreed upon that delivers the target audience within your media strategy. Want to know how your campaign fared? The first one’s on us.