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NAICS Codes(North American Industrial Classification System) Codes developed by the Office of Management and Budget, which identifies the different types of businesses in North America, Canada, and Mexico.  Used to be called the SIC codes (Standard Industrial Classification Codes).

National-A commercial running throughout the country

National Rate – The rate paid by national advertisers for space and time. Generally, higher than local rate.

Net Cost – Ad rates which do not include agency commission.

Net Unduplicated Audience – The number of different people or households reached by a medium or campaign during a specific period.

Network – Two or more stations joined together by a line to broadcast programming from a few original studios simultaneously.  A chain of transmitting stations.

Network Affiliate – A television or radio station that contracts a portion of its airtime for network programming.

Newspaper Designed Market (NDM) – The market area served by the newspaper, as defined by the publisher.

Neilsen (A.C. Neilsen Company – now owned by VNU) – An organization that, among other market research, conducts television audience measurements.

Non-bleed – An ad in which printed matter does not run beyond the type area of the page.

NSI (Neilsen Station Index) – The division of Neilsen Media Research that provides audience measurements for individual television markets.

NTI (Neilsen Television Index) –  The division of Neilsen Media Research that provides national audience measurement for all network programs.  This division recently combined with Neilsen’s syndication division to form NABSS (Neilsen Agency, Broadcast, and Syndicator Service).