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Shared Libraries – In digital advertising, shared libraries are collections of pre-written code and resources that are used for implementing features and functions for an HTML5 ad. Instances of such resources that are downloaded to the browser from a specific server, like a CDN, are cached on the browser. Once cached, shared libraries can be shared with other ads that reference the library and the host server.

Sidekick – An IAB Rising Star ad unit template initially displayed as one of three standard ad unit dimensions, but upon user initiation, “pushes” publisher content to the left to display a canvas of up to 970×550 pixels full of rich interaction.

Skyscraper – A standard ad unit with dimensions of 160×600 pixels.

Slider – An IAB Rising Star Ad Unit template designed with an overlay “slider” (90 pixels high) that rests at the bottom of a publisher’s page and when prompted by user interaction, slides page content to the left for a canvas of 970×550 pixels full of rich interaction possibilities for user engagement.

Standard Ad Units – A set of ad specifications for standard image or animated in-page ad units that establish a framework for advertising inventory and webpage design.

Streaming Video – A distribution method for serving video files such that the video is played over a persistent connection between the browser and the ad server. Versions of the file at different levels of compression (quality) can be served based on detection of the user’s Internet bandwidth. HTML5 files cannot be streamed and rely on adaptive bitrate streaming technologies such as HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Submission Lead Time – The number of business days (non-weekend/non-holiday days) prior to a campaign going live in which a publisher needs to validate advertiser submitted creative(s) for a campaign.

Supporting files – In the context of HTML file loads, supporting files are files that the browser needs to reference in order to execute display of file contents and any interactions. Examples of supporting files include JavaScript libraries, font libraries, CSS files, and others.

SWF – Acronym for Shockwave Flash™. “.swf” is the file naming extension used for animated files complied using Adobe Flash™ software. HTML cannot execute .swf files without the browser-installed Flash player plug-in. For this reason, many content and ad providers are moving to the HTML5 format for more efficient execution of interactive media files.