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T1 – A type of high speed Internet connection used by ISPs and web hosting companies to connect to the Internet. A T1 can process 154,000 bps or 1.54 mbps (megabits per second). A 56K dial up modem can transfer 56,000 bps.

T3 – A type of high speed Internet connection used by ISPs and web hosting companies to connect to the Internet. A T3 can process 4,500,000 bps or 45 mbps (megabits per second). A T1 can transfer 154,000 bps or 1.54 mbps.

TAP (Total Audience Plan) – An announcement scheduling strategy that utilizes all dayparts.

TCP/IP – A communications protocol that connects a number of different networks designed by different vendors into a network of networksotherwise known as the Internet. It works in layers with TCP being responsible for verifying the correct delivery of data from client to server and IP being responsible for moving packets of data from node to node.

TLD – Top level domain (TLD) is the domain name extension that follows a domain name. For example in the US .com is used for businesses, .edu for education institution, .net for networking companies, .gov for government agencies, .mil for the military and .org for non profit organizations. In addition, most countries have been assigned a two letter TLD such as .ca for Canada and .uk for United Kingdom.

TOC – Table of contents, which runs in front of magazine issue; premium position due to upfront location.

TRP (Target Rating Point) – “People Points”.  Target specific—not households. To convert a TVHH GRP into a TRP, multiply the TVHH rating times the target per100 households. Example, The Tonight Show does a 3.8 TVHH rating.  There are 45 Men 18-49 per 100 households watching that program. 3.8 times .45 equals a target rating of a 1.7 against Men 18-49.

TSA (Total Survey Area) – A geographic area that includes the Metro Survey Area and may include additional counties (or county equivalents).

TSL (Time Spent Listening) – An estimate of the amount of time the average listener spent with a station (or total radio) during particular daypart.  This estimate is expressed in hours and minutes.

TVHH (Television Households) – An estimate of the number of households having one or more television sets. (Nielsen shows these in ratings and in thousands) 98% of homes own a TV set.

Tabloid – A newspaper format approximately half the size of a broadsheet, generally 5 columns wide and 13″ deep, with 65″ to a page (SAU) size). Sometimes referred to as “Tab”.

Tag – A short announcement placed at the end of a program of commercial.

Tag Line – A slogan or phrase that conveys the most important product attribute or benefit that the advertiser wishes to convey. Generally, a theme to a campaign and appears in a banner. May also appear as clickable text beneath a banner and when clicked on redirects the browser to the same page as the visitor would have gone to if they had clicked on the banner.

Target Audience – That portion of the total audience defined to be the most likely purchasers of product, that is, the total audience excluding waste.

Target Market-Target Audience

Tearsheet – The entire page of a newspaper on which the ad appeared, torn from the paper and sent to the advertiser as proof of publication.

Teaser – A promotional spot announcing a forthcoming event.

Test Market-A consumer group interviewed to determine target audience.

Testimonial – A statement, often given by a celebrity or satisfied customer, affirming the value of a product, event or service. For example Tiger Woods, considered one of the best golfers, might be quoted about how a certain brand of golf balls are the best.

Text Links – Text that is hyperlinked to another web page. Can be found on web sites or in newsletters and email. Often identified by appearing in blue with a line under it. When clicked on, the visitor will be taken to the page the text was hyperlinked to.

Through the Book – A technique used by the Simmons Market Research Bureau (SMRB) to estimate total readership of a publication. Respondents are asked to examine a stripped-down version of the issue of any magazine they have read of looked into recently. After examining the publication, respondents are asked whether they have read or looked into this specific issue previously. Those who answer yes are counted as readers of the magazine.

Tie in-A campaign to link products, media, or markets.

Tip-in – An attachment to a magazine page, such as a product ample or information leaflet.

Trap Door – A trap door is a type of banner advertisement that leads to a page that does not easily allow the visitor to return to the previous page the banner was on. This is accomplished by using a meta refresh tag set to 0 on the destination page immediately sending them to another page or launching a browser windows that has hidden the browsers back button.

Tuner-a device, a circuit, or part of a circuit that selects a signal from a number of signals in a given frequency range.