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VHF – Very High Frequency (TV channels 2-13).

(VPVH) Viewers per viewing household – The average number of people viewing a program or using television during a particular time period among households that have at least one TV set turned on.

Valid Hits – A term used to differentiate between successful click throughs by individuals and those that may have resulted in a server error or were generated by a some kind of automated software program such as a search engine spider.

Vehicle – A medium capable of exposing advertising to consumers.

Vendor – Any source from which merchandise is purchased for resale to the public.

Vertical Cume – A cumulative rating for two or more programs broadcast on the same day.

Vertical/Horizontal Publications – Vertical publications deal with one specific topic and appeal to a particular audience with an interest in that topic, as opposed to horizontal publications whose editorial content is much broader.

Virual Marketing – Advertising that propagates itself by web visitors use of a web sites feature or service. For example, most administrators of free web based email accounts attach an advertisement at the end of each message each time a user sends an email.

Visit – A series of page requests by a visitor without 30 consecutive minutes of inactivity. The number 30 is arbitrary but most commonly used among web advertisers and publishers. Also called a session.

Voice-Over – In television advertising, the spoken copy or dialogue delivered by an announcer who is not seen but whose voice is heard.

Volume Discount – A discount offered to advertisers who achieve specified volume expenditure levels outlined in publisher’s ratecard.